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Ray Rice day(s)

There's been some confusion on this, but apparently it's a two day event, being held today and Saturday. The bulk of the events are tomorrow though. Meanwhile, Rice was on WFAN yesterday promoting the event. Ugh, can't stand Carton.

CFN previews Rutgers. It tends towards the generic, but looks ok despite several glaring errors.

Does the math make sense for Epiphanny Prince? Even if the quoted figures are correct, this argument is missing the mark. She's making a business decision for this year, and I don't see how it affects her basketball career, long-term, if she joins the WNBA next year as expected.

The North County News named future Scarlet Knight Nick DePaola as their 2009 male athlete of the year. Tom Savage turned down a chance to play for Pennsylvania in the Big 33 game (so he could enroll a month early).

Jeremy Zuttah lost ten pounds to be a better fit as a zone blocking guard. That was at the impetus of their new offensive coordinator, who's happy with Zeus in a starting role. (By the way, if you're jonesing for Brian Leonard news, Cincy OTAs start today, so we should get something soon.)

SLAM: Cappie Pondexter is better than you think.

WRSU's Danny Breslauer was recognized as one of the best collegiate sportscasters in the country.

More U.S. News ranking controversy: UF President has interesting peer assessments.