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Keep your eyes open

I haven't yet seen any concrete information about how bowl negotiations are going (the various conference blogs are a good source to check every so often on this topic). However, one move that could theoretically have a ripple effect on the Big East is the news that the Alamo Bowl is considering dropping its tie-in with the Big Ten in favor of the Pac-10. The Big Ten is at the top of the food chain, cachet-wise, with the SEC, but trading the Big Ten #4/#5 for the Pac-10 #2/#3 might be an upgrade. As far as I know, this is the first sourced report with specifics; and thereby, the opening salvo in the next round of bowl reshuffling.

The Big Ten could presumably turn around and pick up the Sun Bowl if they subsequently drop the Pac-10. Or, they could set their sites elsewhere, and the Big East has a nasty habit of falling on the losing end of those scuffles.

The last round of bowl whispers started leaking out in July of 2005, so it shouldn't be long now before we start to hear more rumblings.