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Don't schedule BC

Weird story came out this morning on Andy Katz's blog.

BC athletic director Gene DeFilippo said there are discussions about playing Villanova, and in football he said Syracuse and Rutgers have signed on to play the Eagles

Interesting that this would come up now, since UConn beatwriter Desmond Conner recently said that UConn wants to play BC, but was turned down due to the CT Attorney General's lawsuit against BC.

However, I am firmly against playing a Boston College athletics team in any sport. It's not just about the act of leaving the Big East for the ACC. Miami and Virginia Tech did that. However, both schools were upfront about their intentions. BC Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo lied to the Big East and its member schools, publicly stating on August 11th, 2003,

"Our focus now is to make the Big East Conference as strong as it can possibly be."

But don't ask me, ask former athletic director Bob Mulcahy.

"I was particularly distressed at the lack of integrity displayed by the presidents and ADs of the ACC and the senior administrators at BC," Rutgers AD Bob Mulcahy said.

The worst part? DeFilippo had no remorse for his actions.

DeFilippo, once a close friend of Mulcahy, acknowledged the strain: "It was no fun for anybody. It was a divorce. I don't know many divorces where there wasn't a lot of emotion and passion involved. I don't know any other way to say it. There was some ill will involved. It was tough for everyone."

Asked if he could turn back the clock, DeFilippo paused and said, "I don't know if I would do anything differently. I'm not sure if I would have changed anything."

Mulcahy, in his position as a Villanova alum, put in a good word for DeFilippo at BC, helping him get the job originally. So you can imagine his distress at being betrayed by his close friend. Surely, Mulcahy's dismissal and the ascension of Tim Pernetti have healed over feelings here. Mulcahy turned down an opportunity for a home and home series with BC two years ago which would have started immediately, as both schools needed a game.

Still, I urge Mr. Pernetti to immediately cease all negotiations with DeFilippo. Boston College-Rutgers is not a marquee national matchup. Rutgers football would receive few recruiting benefits from the game, and in fact it would help the Eagles get back into New Jersey, where they have been struggling as of late. If Boston College wants to schedule Rutgers again, it can rejoin the Big East.

edit: Katz has edited his post to say that the schools "are talking".