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The perfect comeback

Wish I had remembered this story (from a few weeks back) last Monday.

One of the most famous waiting lists in sports has ceased to exist, for most practical purposes.

The Giants have contacted as many of the 140,000 or so on their list as they could find but haven't sold out of personal seat licenses at levels with prices of $20,000, $12,500 and $7,500.

It's no Jerryworld, but the (yet unnamed) new Giants Stadium will (according to two seconds looking at Wikipedia) cost $1.4 billion. Which is 250 million dollars more than the more-impressive stadium in Texas. That's the cost of doing business in New Jersey, and should explain why adding so few seats costs over $100 million dollars. With a year to go, the pro franchises have turned to expensive PSLs, pricing out loyal fans, and it's still a work in progress. Woody Johnson has also taken the trouble to move the Jets to pricey new digs in pricier Florham Park. I've seen them firsthand, and you can trust me in saying that they don't seem to have spared any expense at all.

Point being: none of these issues are remotely limited to the Rutgers athletic department, and other entities actually have much more at stake financially. Pointing out the obvious, that this issue is affecting FBS teams across the country, is all well and good; but I think this example is even more salient and convincing. The next time someone mouths off about this topic, by all means first tell them what they can do with a tire iron. But then, quickly bring up this up, and you will almost certainly win the point.