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Knightvision initialized

Aditi's final story in the Record? AD Tim Pernetti plans extensive streaming video system ("Knightvision"), savings from not printing media guides.

RU fans who want tickets at Army will have to buy them as part of a package deal for $49 a pop. Another reason I say to drop the Black Knights from future schedules.

If Scott Goodale can make Rutgers wrestling a top 25 team his first year on the job, with only one recruiting class, and less than the full allotment of scholarships, just imagine the possibilities with an additional four ships. Thanks to Mr. Pernetti (you not only have to pay for wrestling, but for a corresponding women's program because of Title IX), the wrestling team now has 9.4 scholarships to work with. The upper bound is 9.9. It's clear that Pernetti is making non-revenue sports a priority. I'd guess that the biggest trouble spots now are Lax and Soccer, Rutgers ought to be better at both.

Thanks to mgoblog for linking this awesome post on zone blocking from Tomahawk Nation. Hmm, does this description sound familiar to anyone else?

Zone blocking takes a specific type of offensive lineman

Ideally, you want a lineman who is 6'6 320lbs, stronger, faster, and smarter than anyone else. Unfortunately, reality takes over, and we realize that there are probably only 7 or 8 men in the world who fit that bill and most of them play on Sundays. (Bill Parcells calls this the planet theory)

Likewise, per Dr. Saturday, Phil Steele has tallied returning OL starts, and Rutgers comes in at #31 in the nation with 80. says Cameron Stephenson has been an early surprise in OTAs. Ti Underwood is nursing a hamstring pull.

Rutgers football will be represented at the opening ceremonies for the NJ Special Olympics today.

Baseball recruit Steve Nyisztor forgoes the draft, is likely to end up on campus.

USF academic committee denies entrance to four star recruit.

Ground broke on New Brunswick's Gateway Building on Wednesday.

Rutgers news: researchers discover new treatments for childhood epilepsy, RU praised for its future scholars program for disadvantaged youth.