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Loyal sons

Courtney Greene has signed for 4 years, $1.2 million with the Seahawks. Mike Teel is on board too.

Coming the 19th: Ray Rice day in New Rochelle. Baltimore coach John Harbaugh sees him emerging as a feature back.

"Not that he wasn’t a tackle-breaker last year - he was a tackle-to-tackle runner at Rutgers, that was what he did - but he’s come a long way," Harbaugh said. "Now, people see him as a third-down back because of the success he had last year, but I don’t think we have any question that he can be an every-down back."

Among others, Ryan Neill, Eric Foster, Papa Beckford, Val Barnaby, and Jamaal Westerman will be at TEST Camp at Kean in Union on the 20th.

Speaking of Westerman, Rex Ryan can't stop complimenting the former Knight.

Ryan continues to rave about former Rutgers DE-turned-LB Jamaal Westerman. ``We think this young man has got a future for us,'' said Ryan. ``The way he's playing it might be sooner than later.''

Paul Franklin has more on Westerman and Renkart.

One Jax columnist has measured praise for Tiquan Underwood from OTAs.

It's only shirts-and-shorts practices, but the most intriguing of the new Jaguars receivers is seventh-round pick Tiquan Underwood. The guy makes plays and has a genuine burst after the catch.

Gary Brackett is still recovering from a leg injury.

"We fixed up some things, got some things scoped," Brackett said. "Now, it's feeling good. I've got my motion back and (we're) strengthening it so I'll be back for training camp."

Have to say, I didn't expect to read about Milan Rudanovic's gig with a NASCAR Pit Crew. Those are the kind of details you only get in the offseason.