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Season tickets on sale

Get your 2009 Rutgers football season tickets while they're hot.

Today's must read is Aditi's sit down with athletic director Tim Pernetti. For instance, he's still trying to get facilities upgrades for basketball off the ground. A target of 32,000 season tickets seems rather low, actually. I'm not sure whether that's realistic, or he's trying to manage expectations and set the goalposts lower, as to be able to exceed that target later on. Anyway, the full transcript will apparently be posted at her blog at some point, so look out for that.

Rutgers football feeling charitable; moves back Texas Southern game to be fair to Pittsburgh (at ESPN's urging?)

Coach Schiano raised $75,000 for Athletes in Action, the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, and the Embrace Kids Foundation at his charity golf outing.

CFN previews Maryland.

RU fan blogger calls Joe Paterno "ratface" over the weekend (see yesterday's news post); is inundated with angry emails from PSU fans. Me, I'm more inclined to make light of Paterno's obvious pact with Lucifer. On that note, it's amusing to read one columnist claim that Justin Brown was the best player on the field Sunday, which is nonsense. Brown was more productive in the second half, but Logan Ryan managed to hold the big play in check.

Today at 11 am, groundbreaking will be underway for New Brunswick's Gateway building. Among others, Pres. McCormick, Gov. Corzine, and Mayor Cahill will be in attendance.

The Boston Herald says former baseball player Dave Shinskie visited RU and Pitt before jumping on a BC offer to play quarterback.