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6/9 Recruiting Update

RU football camp begins on the 26th. That and the linemen camp will be big. In the meantime, Rivals is holding its Premiere Showcase this Friday at Kean.

Rutgers is still in good shape for Joe Brennan.

Brennan is considering Rutgers, Wisconsin, Miami and about six other schools

Which is all well and good. Because if you've been reading in between the lines, RU's focus at QB has turned to Brennan, and the staff has backed off Brandon Hill. Which is unfortunate, but you can't really take two quarterbacks in a class. If we do end up taking Brennan, all the best to Hill.

When asked whether Rutgers has backed off at all the 6-foot-5, 210-pound pocket-passer was somewhat vague, but was confident when announcing the four schools that stand out at the top of his list."They’re still in there," Hill said of Rutgers. "I don’t know if they’ve backed off or what, I just like (the) others a lot."

Scout has a film analysis of Danny Foose up.

Jamaal Jackson has added three FCS offers.

Still no favorites for Arthur Doakes.

"I’m going up to West Virginia on (June) 21, and I know I’m going to Notre Dame and Michigan State. I’ve gotta find out two dates for those camps to make sure they’re not the same date.

"They all want to get me up there to see how I do in person. Oh, and Maryland. I want to visit Maryland, too."

Keystone Recruiting has posted its updated Pennsylvania top 25.

Florida DB Terrence Brooks now has an offer. Dionte Ponder and Devont’a Davis are listed as having an offer in the Scout DB too.

Bennett Jackson committed to Notre Dame over RU and MSU. At least Jackson had the class to not make a spectacle of his announcement. Charlies Weis is full of it with his "Jersey Guys" angle. As expected, Ken Wilkins committed to Michigan.

Watchlist: Aaron Aiken, Terrence Casper, Joshua Mitchell, Ransford Quarrie, and Brandon Vitable.