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Paul Franklin had a great article on Friday about the expanded stadium. Our new AD has his priorities in order.

The cannon shocks the unexpected with a loud bang after every Rutgers score. Formerly situated on a corner hillside, the noise now from the enclosed stadium will only be more deafening.

So will the noise level on a field that was not always a so-called home field advantage. ""I think the noise level will be great,'' Pernetti said. ""In our case, especially in the last three years, I don't think it's "so-called,' I think it's a true home-field advantage.

Mark Di Ionno, last seen whining about big time football in the Ledger...actually praises Bob Mulcahy in a quality feature? Of course, he writes an entire article without bothering to mention that it was lies published by his colleagues that cost Mulcahy his job.

Mark Harrison is playing in the Connecticut Governor's Cup on June 27. It's at the Rent in East Hartford.

Bleacher Report: Isn't it hypocritical that the NCAA's Rutgers Rule banned our camps in Florida, yet neutral site games are increasing in popularity?

Joe Theismann was complaining yesterday about the finish of the NJ-NE game.

The Save Our Sports group comes off very poorly for criticizing the basketball team's Canary Islands trip that was bankrolled by private donations.

In light of Delaware legalizing sports gambling (it was grandfathered in), Gov. Corzine is joining Sen. Ray Lesniak's lawsuit against the federal ban.

Rutgers fan: Joe Paterno is Ratface. Schiano and Mulcahy may have a problem with that.

@Play4Brew: Minnesota is still looking for another 2010 game. Just saying...

RU legacy Dann O"Neill is leaving the Michigan football team, although chatter has him giving up the sport completely.

FBS Fordham is upgrading its football program to varsity status.