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Cue speculation

Check out this free header from yesterday:

With two weeks of his junior year left, Hazlet (N.J.) Raritan wide receiver Bennett Jackson is prepared to get his recruitment behind him as well.

"I’m going to announce my decision on Sunday," the 6-foot-1, 165-pound receiver reported Friday afternoon. "I’ve been elected to play in next year’s Governor’s Bowl, so I’m going to make it public during this year’s game."

Jackson recently went on a midwestern tour of schools like Notre Dame and Michigan State. Is it a good sign that he's deliberately chosen a pro-Rutgers environment?

My first instinct in this situation is to try and check what the competition is hearing, but besides the usual bluster, it doesn't appear to be all that much. The shore native Jackson is at the top of RU's wishlist, and would fill a big need at receiver. The local consensus is that he's a better player than Shakim Phillips (who Mike Farrell talks up for obvious reasons). It would be an undoubtable loss to lose him to the hated Domers, much less Pittsburgh, Michigan State, and the rest of the competition.

edit: Twitter update from IrishSportsDaily writer

I think its ND, BC or MSU.