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Knightly News

The NJ/NE game is Sunday at 3 pm at RU Stadium, and will also air on Ch. 9. It's a chance to see some of the better high school football players from all around the state and the Northeast, including seven future Scarlet Knights. I'm tentatively planning to liveblog the game here on Sunday. It'll probably be your last dose of RU football until the rest of the freshmen make it to campus in a few weeks.

There has already been some good news on De'Antwan Williams (who will be the lone Scarlet Knight on the Northeast team) qualifying, but it's nice to receive more confirmation.

King said that De'Antwan Williams is on track to meet NCAA Division I eligibility requirements to enroll at Rutgers as a freshman in the fall. The senior running back has received his qualifying test score and needs to maintain his B average for the rest of the school year.

"He's good to go," King said.

It's Friday, and that means new expansion pictures.

Adam Zagoria has a recap of the men's basketball trip to Spain and the Canary Islands, and Mike Rosario's upcoming gig with the Puerto Rican team.

On Wednesday, ESPN spent a good two minutes on New Jersey and Delaware.

Todd Frazier - the third hottest prospect in minor league baseball? As if on cue, he's had three walks in the past two days. Meanwhile, the Yankees don't have any corner outfield prospects above A-ball, and that's where the 6'10 pitcher with poor command they picked instead of Frazier is. Can't help but wonder if I'll have a similar complaint about the Giants in two years.

Howard does not sound like the toughest opponent on the gridiron.