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Athlon named Anthony Davis as a second team All American. Davis is on the Eastern Athlon cover, and is also on the Region 1 Sporting News/Street and Smith's cover. If you can decipher Phil Steele's small text and incomprehensible prose, there's his preview online too.

Nick Carparelli says that any scheduling issues between Rutgers and USF are settled, and that the Big East is implementing a Rutgers Rule to prevent future mishaps. My view is that these games need to be scheduled years in advance to avoid any problems.

"Yes, we have put a policy in place that if an institution does not have their non-conference schedule complete by Jan. 15, they must choose a date that the final non-conference game will be scheduled and we will leave that date open. This will allow me to complete the schedule in a more timely fashion."

Unlike that arrogant primadonna Hakeem Nicks, Kenny Britt is just fine with his 77 overall rating as a rookie in Madden '10.

Despite doubts, Jeremy Zuttah is Tampa Bay's starting left guard at OTAs with Aaron Sears out.

Willis McGahee may be back, but Ray Rice is still the starter in Baltimore.

Rivals had an interesting thread about NCAA '10 on Monday. Looks like there are numerous roster mistakes, and the stadium expansion isn't in the game.

Here's a good Bleacher Report posting about the prospects for a Big East split. Ed Jacko predicts that RU will win the Big East.

RU fans not inundating a columnist's inbox with angry emails? A positive.