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Nothing much about FERPA

You might have seen the story in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday detailing how NCAA schools stretch the limits of privacy laws to keep data secret. Rutgers is not one of the schools charging exhorbiant fees for access to records. The Dispatch also set up an online database with the information they received.

I'm afraid that the Rutgers entry isn't terribly informative. For one thing, the listed graduation rates for all schools are the fed rate of 54%, which counts transfers. They really should have used the graduation success rate, which is at 70% for Rutgers (did I mention again that how misleading it is for the NCAA to use a rolling average of six to nine year old data?) as last reported.

The financial data is useless without quantifying subsidies to the athletic department. Rutgers does not hide information about flight manifests, but does not keep records on complementary tickets or summer jobs.

The Dispatch, as you would expect, spent most of their effort in looking into the Buckeyes. Overall, this was a solid piece of journalism, although the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Indianapolis Star have covered the topic in more depth in the past. It's not as insightful as similar pieces, but the overall story about how FERPA is solid.