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Tone deaf Big East

What are they thinking!?

That's really the only possible reaction to the announcement that the Rutgers and UConn women's basketball teams will only play one regular season game (at UConn) next season. This undoubtedly is a consequence of the Big East's new scheduling format (formerly, each team would be paired off with three others home and home, and miss two others), but it's still a remarkably peculiar and inexplicable decision by the bigwigs in Providence. One that will only further the perception that the conference is at best inarticulate, and more likely completely out of touch.

The rivalry between Rutgers and UConn is arguably the most heated regional matchup in all of women's college basketball. They're two of the marquee names in the entire sport, much less the Big East conference. I just can't fathom why the Big East would throw away all of the resulting media coverage, along with a certain timeslot on ESPN or ESPN2. I agree with very few conference decisions to begin with (although, it's understandable that they're in a position that invites second guessing), but I can't even understand this decision through the normal prism of shortsighted self interest that I use to attribute away the tremendous, inexorable bias in league offices towards the Big East's non-football schools. It's utterly mind boggling.

UConn will instead trade home games with Notre Dame (who, admittedly, have a fairly good WBB program), and Rutgers will be paired off with Syracuse (huh, you'd at least think it would be Seton Hall)