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Shirtless homerism

Aditi has an update on the travails of Ramel Meekins.

Scout previews RU's special teams unit this fall. They also did the offensive line a few weeks back.

Ray Rice looks good shirtless.

The offseason bulk award goes to second-year running back Ray Rice. The added bulk is definitely noticeable across his chest and lower body. Rice seems to be having a lot of fun at practice and looks more comfortable as a receiver out of the backfield.

RutgersAl talked Rutgers and Syracuse on the inaugural CuseCast.

West Virginia's difficulties in filling their future schedules can help give an idea of the logistical problems that Big East teams face in this area.

Eddie Jordan is the new coach of the Sixers.

Todd Frazier has been on fire recently, hitting over .500 with extra base power in his last ten games. His full season numbers look much better now, although you'd still like to see slightly better strike zone judgment.

The economy will have a major impact on the class of incoming freshmen.

Rutgers University's incoming freshman class will be larger by about 100 students, with a greater portion of them from the Garden State. In-state enrollment will nudge up from 89 percent to 91 percent.

Rutgers ended up with slightly fewer applicants, mostly because of a drop in out-of-state applications. "Just like our kids are saying they can't afford to attend out-of-state, so out-of-state kids are saying they can't afford to go to school in New Jersey," McAnuff said.

However, the incoming class will be larger -- 7,600 instead of 7,500 -- because more admitted students are choosing Rutgers instead of heading elsewhere.

Devils owner Jeff Vanderbeek has called for the Izod Center to close. He's 100% correct on this one. The Nets belong in Newark, and I'm still hoping that the Barclays Center never gets off the ground, and Vanderbeek can buy and revitalize the Nets.