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Smooth sailing

Per Scout, Mark Harrison says he's qualified and will be on campus on June 28th. This is huge. Throw stars out the window; Harrison has Britt-level athleticism and could compete for playing time early. RU's 2009 recruiting class looks that much better if everyone makes it to campus fully qualified. (edit story is now behind pay firewall, it wasn't originally)

With his combination of smarts and athleticism, Zeus may be poised to land a starting job in Tampa Bay's new zone blocking scheme.

"Arron's been out for a while, and I haven't seen him," Mangurian said. "He hasn't been practicing the last few days. I hope he's ready for training camp, but I'm going to worry about the guys that are here, coach those guys and give Jeremy Zuttah an opportunity to play and see what he can do."

Gary Brackett lost a brother to leukemia, and is trying to make a difference in the fight against childhood cancer.

The Houston Comets folded, and Matee Ajavon is now closer to home with the WNBA's Washington Mystics.

Rivals looks at Maryland's 2009 squad, although they spend as much time on Ralph Friedgen's new diet as they do on how many starters the Terrapins lose from last fall.

America's leading news organizations (including the AP, Advance, and Gannett) are colluding to start charging for online content in the near future.

Word from this week's SEC meetings is that they're not echoing the Big Ten's harder line in negotiations with the Citrus Bowl.

SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said he expects a contract agreement to be reached some time by the end of the summer. Negotiations with Florida Citrus Sports, the Citrus Bowl's administrative arm, will begin next week. Backing from the powerful SEC is a jolt for a bowl that was approaching life support. "We understand they need to make improvements," said Slive at the Southeastern Conference Spring Meetings in Destin. "They've worked very hard to get the revenue to build the renovations they need. We have confidence that it's important enough for the community to make that happen."