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Hands over ears

Joe Paterno may be God's gift to sportswriters in a slowwww offseason, but I now resent him more than ever for reigniting a stale topic that I truly despise. The Big East may be rotten and disfunctional, but it's our disfunctional family, thank you. Steve Politi gets an endorsement from Tim Brewster, excuse me, Play4brew, for Rutgers joining the Big Ten. The scheduling (other BE teams don't have the issues Rutgers has) and bowl lineup (we've gotten screwed the past few years, but wait to see what the new lineup is when it's announced, probably next month) arguments aren't the strongest, but unfortunately the money issue towers over any other concerns.

Kenny Britt finds his Titans OC a vocal critic, and compares him to John McNulty in that regard.

Phil Steele ranked Rutgers #16 in his preseason college football preview.

UNC is looking to shift one of their road games in 2010 into the future. I doubt Rutgers will move the game, unless a suitable replacement can be found.

Another week, another new round of stadium expansion pictures.

Brandon Renkart is currently the top backup at inside linebacker for the Jets.

ESPN's College Football Live is planning to "tour" all fifty states. However, on June 3rd, they will be covering Delaware and New Jersey in one show. I'm already insulted. (ht: Troy Nunes Is an Absolute Magician)