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Rocket set to launch

It's a premium article on, but a teaser indicates some very good news about De'Antwan Williams. That was expected for the most part, but it's nice to see some confirmation. Well, there's just the clearinghouse to get past at this point.

It's Tom Savage's third official day on campus. And that means, you guessed it, it's time to start ramping up expectations.

Savage, blessed with size, natural leadership ability, a strong arm -- he claims to have once thrown a football 74 yards to win a bet from a friend -- and athleticism, immediately finds his name in the mix as a possible answer at the position.

On one hand, I want to type his name in all capital letters and make up a plethora of ridiculous nicknames, and for him to live up to them all. But Savage is wet behind the ears, and just getting used to college. Now he's no longer an All-American; he's just one of several thousand students on campus, and one of over a hundred playing football. He'll have to earn his way on the field, and probably wouldn't have it any other way.

Jim Carr tweeted that his son was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Hope all ends up well there.

MASN columnist says "Don't forget about Ray", hyping Rice as a breakout candidate for this year.

"I definitely feel like it's a year where I'm getting over the learning curve," he said. "Last year I got out there but it was kind of like I was still learning. Now I think I got enough game experience behind me where I can just go out there and play."

Kenny Britt has three weeks before the next set of organized team activities, but he decided to stay in Nashville and work with Rod Smith some more.

''Me and Rod have a close connection,'' Britt said. ''He calls me up to see how I'm doing and things like that. [He works with me on] the little things about my game - the tells - that tell the corner what I'm doing. Things like rising up, what my eyes are doing, things like that.''

Here's a 3:29 interview with Britt.

Mitch Vingle has a handful of details from last week's Big East meetings in Florida.

The Quad looks at FIU. They might not be as good as Navy, but they're not as bad as Army or the FCS teams on the schedule.

DeBartolo Sports is holding a football camp next weekend at Rutgers, which coincides with the NJ-NE game.

Wondering why New Jersey is in fiscal crisis? Fortune had a great article recently about the state's pension system.