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Sheepskin underwear

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Tom Luicci confirms the UCLA scheduling talk, and has a lot more from Pernetti on what's shaking on that front.

Corey Chandler at PG? Okayyyyy....

Adam Zagoria says that Miami isn't recruiting James Beatty.

Tiquan Underwood, was, er, starring in his underwear yesterday. He'll be picking up his diploma today. Kenny Britt sat out practice on Thursday with a strained hamstring (he looked good on Tuesday), but still found time to get into a shoving match. With Willis McGahee still out, Ray Rice looked "strong" and "real good". Kerry Collins on Britt:

"He can run, and I think he catches the ball well. He's a strong catcher. He's got strong hands. He's going to be the kind of guy I think can catch balls in traffic. Also, he has the size to be able to go up and get some of those balls,"

Rex Ryan is still praising Jamaal Westerman.

The great thing is we have already had another position change with him. We’re having him learn inside linebacker as well. Obviously, we think a great deal of this guy. He’s quick. We were fortunate last year (in Baltimore). We had a guy Jameel McClain from Syracuse. He was a talented young man that came as a free agent and is very similar. He is a quick study and I think he has a lot of upside. We will see when the pads come on and I actually think that will be better for him. He’s a physical player as we saw on tape from Rutgers and he’s definitely our kind of guy and we are throwing it at him. The great thing is it’s not just that he gets comfortable in just one spot. He has to learn the system and when he does, he is going to increase the value of this football team.

Free Jio Fontan!

The Inquirer has more details on Corzine's revised allocations for higher ed.

"New Jersey is among a handful of states that have taken a beating in the last couple years in regards to state support of its higher education system," said Daniel J. Hurley, state relations and policy analysis director at the American Association of State Colleges and Universities.

New Jersey was one of four states nationally to decrease its taxpayer-funded higher-education appropriations from fiscal 2007 to 2009, according to the Grapevine Survey by the University of Illinois.

The State Higher Education Executive Officers group in Colorado, which looks at all revenue spent by states on higher education, found that New Jersey's spending per full-time student dropped 24.1 percent over the last decade when numbers are adjusted for inflation.

The drop came as enrollments increased substantially, making accessibility to the state's public higher-education system more important, said Paul Lingenfelder, the group's president.

Only five other states had greater drops over the decade. Pennsylvania fell 20.7 percent.