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Still waiting on Beatty

Jerry Carino says that James Beatty is still deciding between RU and Miami.

Blaze was named to the Remington watch list. has their newest batch of expansion pics up.

The Big East and Gator Bowl are again negotiating through the media. I side with the BE here, and not just for obvious reasons. The Citrus Bowl could be an option depending on how their negotiations go, and the conference had absolutely no leverage in 2004. Priority one has to be finding a better #3 game (in order to move Charlotte back down to #4), but second on the list is ending the ridiculous Gator/Sun arrangement. It'd be one thing if they were paired off with an equivalent bowl, but the Sun isn't acceptable for the #2 Big East team.

Comcast is adding ESPN U and ESPN 360.

As of this week, Xanadu is $22.9 million in the hole and counting.

G-ddamn, the new Rutgers Hillel building is going to help the aesthetics on College Avenue.

Gov. Corzine's revised budget restores $15m of his larger proposed cut in funding to Rutgers to comply with federal stimulus rules. Meanwhile, New Jersey lost 14,400 jobs in April.