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Make it happen

Dunno if I should have brought the laptop with me. But I have a couple minutes to kill, and just saw this transcript from Rick Neuheisel at the UCLA alumni club of New York that's worth sharing.

Q: Are we thinking about any east-coast game soon?

A: I just talked to the Rutgers AD and he said he'd be very interested in a home-and-home with us. So fans on both coasts can support us!

A month ago, it came out that Kansas State is canceling their home date with UCLA next season. I thought it made perfect sense for Rutgers to step in here, and knowing Pernetti and K-Mac, they were likely on that possibility for some time. If their coach is talking about the possibility in public, then you have to assume that something is in the works. Rutgers fans would be thrilled if UCLA replaces Army on the schedule over the next two years.