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Banked morning thoughts

I'm speaking to you from the past, and my message is a simple one: I'm not big on link aggregation.

Let me quantify that a little. It is rewarding to find obscure, relevant articles, but I don't see all that much value in just assembling a collection of links (recruiting content excluded, I genuinely do like putting those together). I had been playing around with the format here last year, but put all of that aside for the offseason, when most of the happenings just aren't that interesting or noteworthy. If I can't muster up even a sentence in response, isn't this all just a little superfluous? Please note that this criticism is solely directed at myself; it's totally mailing it in.

I have been trying to finish a longer entry (with the goal of finishing some time in May), but have ran into a few obstacles. Research went ok, but was more difficult than expected. My time has been somewhat limited. Frankly, there were inherent fundamental problems that I should have recognized. When I wrote about signing day in February, it wasn't a walk in the park, but everything flowed right out of me. I have a genuine interest in the topic; what can I say, I'm the kind of person who buys Madden for the franchise mode.

With what I did in February, I was writing about what was appealing to me about a particular phenomenon. The trouble with my current subject matter is that I'm turning that format on its head, in trying to explain and understand a popular part of Rutgers lore (which, as an aside, has little to do with the football program) that I never quite got in the first place. However, it's not patently offensive to the point where I can just go for the jugular. It feels tortured and forced right now, but I am determined to see it through nonetheless. In retrospect, I probably should have reviewed the Pellowski book or read up on the Cover 2 or zone blitzes instead.

You know what I want to read? I asked last year why a SI or ESPN hadn't yet written the definitive piece on Kevin Elko. As far as I can tell, there still isn't one. Isn't it a little mind blowing that this figure receives unfettered access to sports teams across the country, commands exhorbiant fees, his methods are grounded in new age mumbo jumbo of questionable efficacy, and the public hardly knows anything about him?