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Morning links

Kevin Malast visited his old middle school on Tuesday.

Brian Bennett talked with Timmy Brown on Anthony Davis is his #12 player in the Big East.

Ray Rice was "consistently impressive" over the weekend in Baltimore.

Mike Rosario will spend his summer on the Puerto Rican national team.

Cincinnati didn't use their new 3-4 defense in their spring game, because they want RU's coaches guessing based on old UVA tape in the opener.

Who knew: Marquise Webb's first love was baseball.

The West Virginia AD is fine with making Big East basketball even more bloated if it means finding the right ninth team for football.

Rutgers is trying to make the case for more state funding.

The report shows that Rutgers and its faculty, staff, students and visitors channel $3.8 billion in direct and indirect spending into the state economy – more than six times the state’s $595.3 million investment in the university.

Congratulations to all the graduating seniors who'll get their diplomas next week. Too bad they'll be entering the worst job market in decades.