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Keith Sargeant recently made a guest appearance on the Seahawks blog 12th Man Rising, telling their readers a bit about Teel and Greene.

Schiano and former offensive coordinator John McNulty — both consider him a film junkie who grasps the playbook better than any signal caller they’ve been around. Even this spring, with Teel gone and a couple of unproven QBs trying to succeed him, Schiano told me following a scrimmage that Teel was a master at all the pre-snap checks.

Neither coach is exactly wet behind the years, so that's high praise indeed, and one of the reasons that I saw Teel sticking in the NFL last fall despite his poor start.

In his otherwise brief spring capsules, Tom Dienhart notes that Tom Savage has spent hours studying tape.

The kiss of death? Peter King is, predictably, high on the Bengals' acquisition of Brian Leonard. But, by all means, you should support the Paul Zimmerman (Dr. Z) benefit dinner (ticket deadline is Friday) in West Orange on the 18th.

Not sure how much credence to give this, but one anonymous comment replying to a post on Kevin Devaney's blog sheds some light on Geoff McDermott's transfer.

I was told when I asked that Coach DiRienzo at New Ro is in the process now of helping him out to find a school to play at next year. I’ve heard Arizona State, Oregon, Temple..etc. From what I understand the Rutgers/New Ro connection is no good in this case because I believe the transfer rule states that you can’t transfer to play a sport at a school in the same conference as your old school, so any Big East School is out for McDermott.

I haven't been able to locate the precise wording of the rule. The waiver process is primarily designed to be academically oriented; a transfer's new school must offer a graduate program unavailable at their previous institution (these are rather flimsy in practice). It would be cruddy if graduated basketball players cannot transfer in conference, despite half of those teams not participating in Big East football.

Paul Franklin passes along a report of Eddie Jordan going back to the Kings.

The Home News Tribune praises the Rutgers athletic department in an editorial for its recent high APR scores.

Former NFL safety Matt Bowen has a look at why rookie receivers struggle.

Inadvertent self parody? Nope. Viewers of ESPN's College Football Live this week will be treated to an extended, week-long preview/infomercial covering every aspect of Notre Dame's football squad in 2009. Reading the descriptions of each episode, I honestly thought they were fake at first, but the Domers are apparently the first of several teams who'll get similar treatment. Leaving the obvious aside, that level of exposure can be a double-edged sword. The knives will quickly come out if they can't live up to their high expectations.