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Rice at a simmer

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Fooch talked with Coach Schiano last week about the football team's APR scores.

Baltimore HC John Harbaugh on Ray Rice:

On RB Ray Rice and the good shape he looks to be in: "Well you notice that. He is a little bigger, and he’s actually leaner, bigger, faster, quicker. He really practiced hard. And, he’s in great shape. He looked good."

With Willis McGahee out of the team's minicamp, Rice started and saw most of the carries. Another bit of good news is that the Ravens look to be moving LeRon McClain back to FB. L.J. Smith sat out with a groin injury. Hopefully the Titans don't bring back Drew Bennett for their WR depth chart.

As usual, the Gator Bowl is playing hardball with the Big East in bowl negotiations. On that note, another West Virginia columnist has the antidote to any Big Ten fears: more expansion.

Fred Hill is now on Twitter.

Former Fordham player on Jio Fontan:

Blue said Fontan had agreed not to play at Rutgers or any local Big East school if he transfers.

"Jio said that if he got a release saying he couldn’t go to Rutgers, he would accept it," Blue said. "The Fordham community, they think he’s going to Rutgers, that’s not it. After the year he had I would believe Jio has more options than Rutgers. They should give him his release and let him make a decision that’s best for his future."

RU baseball lost its series with Seton Hall.

Providence forward Geoff McDermott (who played at New Rochelle with Ray Rice, Courtney Greene, and Grenroy Lee) is considering playing football at BC. Would Rutgers have any interest? Ever since the trend of graduate transfers caught on this year, I had been wondering about McDermott and Paul Gause of SHU.

I usually don't follow the whole conference police blotter thing, but Jonathan Baldwin's arrest could radically shake the balance of power in the Big East.