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Leonard to the Bengals

The St. Louis media has been dropping hints of discontent throughout the offseason, and the Rams did recently sign a blocking fullback, so it's not a big surprise that they finally traded Brian Leonard.

I still don't understand why everyone in St. Louis was so down on Leonard when their team, from top to bottom, has been terrible during the past few years. Is a bad shoulder injury enough to give up on a second round pick? Apparently so.

This is exhibit A as to why you don't want your favorite players landing on bad teams. They may play more, but it's at the risk of damage to their career. Ray Rice would have started for Detroit last year, but I'm much happier to see him in Baltimore.

Unlike, St. Louis, Cincinnati's problem isn't lack of talent. They've had locker room issues over the past few years, and bottomed out last year with Carson Palmer's injury. After cutting Chris Perry, Leonard would appear to be second on the depth chart at halfback behind Cedric Benson. He says he's finally healthy and ready to contribute.

One thing's for sure - Brian is as tough as they come, and is no stranger to adversity. If any player can make the most of this change, it would be Brian Leonard.