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A dying breed

I was checking around the various Big East blogs this morning, and per Pitt Blather, Dave Wannstedt is now on Twitter. He joins Bill Stewart, Doug Marrone, Jim Leavitt, and Steve Kragthorpe. Among the conference holdouts, that leaves Brian Kelly, Randy Edsall, and our own Coach Schiano.

If you're into Twitter, great; more power to you and your agency. It does have several interesting uses. Owing to my overwhelming indifference to the phenomena, I'm specifically hoping that Coach Schiano does not start a Twitter account. It is trivial either way, but he already comes across as a workaholic who would have a better use of even a moment of his time than typing up to 140 characters. And if he just has an intern write it, what would be the fun in that?

After a week of ill-informed speculation about highly unlikely scenarios, I don't necessarily see the downside to a quiet offseason. Didn't Rutgers athletics go through enough tumult over the past year? Watch some baseball. Read a book. Go to the beach. I have some things in my back pocket here, but I increasingly find myself savoring the respite and calm. It's like when a football schedule has a team play for five straight weeks. Football is great, but you can only follow things closely for a point before starting looking forward a bye week.

Regardless, if a Twitter feed is not in the works for the near future, I would advise someone with the athletic department to register any relevant account names and mothball them.