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Here we go again

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When Joe Paterno speaks, people listen, and

"I've tried talk to the Big Ten people, 'Lets get a 12th team, let's get another team from the East -- Syracuse, Rutgers, Pittsburgh -- then we can have a little bit of a playoff."

When people are looking for something, anything to talk about during the summer doldrums, the ol' Hall of Famer comes through once again.

Look for Alex Silvestro to have a big year now that he's back at end. RU also looks to be strong on the edges on offense.

Students - they're looking for someone to wear the Scarlet Knight costume next year.

Delaware? Delaware?!?!?!?

Kenny Britt was reported in last week's SI to have taken out a 1 million + insurance policy against an injury last season. These are fairly common now; Leonard had something similar. Rookie minicamps start today, and Kenny is eager to get on the field. There will be pressure on him to produce right away, but Kevin Dyson thinks he can handle it.

WhatIf Sports sees good things this year for Britt and Greene. (ht: Football Outsiders)

Miami Dolphins fan Fabian Ruiz wants Mark Sanchez to succeed.

Did you know that budget cuts to higher education will deprive New Jersey of federal stimulus money? (And NJ already gets the smallest return on its tax dollars of any state)

Because Gov. Corzine's budget calls for a cut in funding for New Jersey's universities to the funding level of the early 1990s, Rutgers, like every college and university in the State of New Jersey, is not eligible for support under the Federal Stimulus Package. For fiscal year 2007-2008, the state of New Jersey was the only state in the union to decrease its financial support for higher education. As a whole, New Jersey currently has one of the highest tuition rates at its state universities.

RutgersFest is today.

Rutgers and Piscataway have settled their dispute over property taxes for graduate student housing.

The Pepsi Globe being delayed is another nail for Xanadu.