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Morning after, and it still hurts.

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I hate the state of North Carolina. That is all.

Pete Tverdov is trying out for the Chicago Bears.

Rod Smith sold the Titans on Kenny Britt.

"He's big and strong and fast, and from the time I spent with him you can tell the guy loves to play ball. And sometimes that's the kind of thing coaches can't measure. They can measure the strength and bench press, but you can't measure the person's heart and I saw that when Kenny,'' Smith said.

Seahawks OC Greg Knapp says that (video) three Seattle coaches know three Rutgers coaches, and they vouched for Mike Teel's attitude.

Fordham isn't budging on releasing Jio Fontan. If they don't blink, Fontan would have to pay in-state tuition rates while sitting out next season. Jerry Carino has an update on next year's BB schedule.

Ugh, baseball lost to Delaware.

Bad news on Brian Leonard.

We hear underachieving former Rams second-round picks RB Brian Leonard and TE Joe Klopfenstein — both of whom have been limited by injury problems — could be facing an uphill battle to make the final roster.

Shaun O'Hara's new understudy at center is Mike Fladell.

Hey, I'd appreciate it if everyone could please refrain from projecting Anthony Davis to go second overall in their 2010 mock drafts. Thank you.

CPE was under center at the Rhode Island spring game.