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Doug Marrone thinks the black helicopters are coming for him

The quiet respect from Rutgers fans towards Doug Marrone is over.

Well, that is, if you can believe message board posts on Last night, at Fenway Park (and the idea that a Bronx native would attend a promotional event at Fenway is pure sacrilege), there was one reported comment that will raise a few eyebrows in Piscataway after spreading around the net this morning.

It was also worth noting that he took an implied shot at Rutgers. He said that a lot of the bad press and rumors about players leaving the program was driven by "people scared of the program rising again, especially those in Central NJ."

Haven't eight players left Syracuse this spring? Why would the Rutgers football staff need to start rumors about something that is true (and par for course for any coaching change)? More importantly, why would they be concerned at all with the topic? Frankly, they have more important things to worry about, like running their own program. Rutgers isn't the home base of the illuminati. Believe me, I wish it was. Then we wouldn't be so poor.

With all due respect, get over yourself Dougie. I fell into a hysterical fit of laughter when I read this comment. Greg Schiano doesn't stay up at night worrying about a program in upstate New York that hasn't won much lately. Charlie Weis might, though. Keep it up and you'll end up a Greg Robinson-level punchline.

These comments were essentially just playing to the crowd, much like when Marrone told a group of assembled coaches that he could win using just New York state talent. There's a reason that Coach Schiano doesn't want his comments from Touchdown Club meetings hitting Rivals and Scout.