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Those must have been some fierce text messages

SI's Peter King is no fan of Kenny Britt or Mike Teel. Interestingly enough, he doesn't like Britt's character, but knocks Teel's play on the field. The National Football Post was higher on Teel.

Tough? Jim Dumont will show you tough.

Oh, drunken students.

Draft analyst Todd McShay, while giving his report from somewhere inside Radio City Music Hall, was serenaded by what sounded like drunken Rutgers fans chanting, "&#$% McShay! &#$% McShay!" Stay classy, Jersey.

Mike Rosario and Scott Winston are looking towards next season.

The men's basketball team is still waiting on point guard recruit James Beatty.

Interesting note from the Rivals boards: the nation was skeptical of Rutgers football in 2006, but many of those players made the NFL.

The Targum has a nice series of articles about Rutgers Day.

Rutgers University is finally consolidating its multiple academic logos. With apologies to Dan Levy, the very concept of brand consolidation represents the Schianoization of Rutgers University coming into full effect.

It's the last week of April, and that means the tents start popping up on Vorhees Mall (note: corrected a stupid error here).