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"For me it is like a little kid on Christmas."

"I’m really happy to be here and I’m blessed for the opportunity to live out my dream." (video)

And if you're worried that he'll have to sit on the bench, Jeff Fisher is optimistic.

"Clearly, Kenny [Britt] is going to contribute and contribute early for us."

TitansOnline also has Jason McCourty's conference call up. Jason on Kenny - "He'll run through you."

Kevin Malast signed with the Bears.

Mike Teel? He went golfing.

It's cloud nine for Tiquan Underwood.

Courtney Greene was understandably upset to fall to the seventh round, but he'll be off to Seattle on Thursday.

If you're keeping score, five Scarlet Knights were drafted over the weekend, which was good for a tie for tenth in the country out of all universities, and is a new record for Rutgers. UConn has the edge in quality, but like my man Kenny says, the real money is in the second contract.

I'm holding off on non-draft content for today. I will have player assessments up tonight for any NFL fans stumbling in here and looking for answers, in addition to another entry about why the Giants should have drafted Kenny Britt.