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Big Body to Music City

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Kenny Britt, the pride of Bayonne, is a Tennessee Titan. You can relive the moment, listen to his conference call with the Nashville media, or to the Tennessee coaching staff discussing the pick. I've been told that the reaction from the crowd after the pick was announced sounded louder in person.

After getting burned on Adam Jones, the Titans aren't planning on taking any undue risks any time soon. Their coaches made it quite clear that they had done their homework. The OC, Mike Heimerdinger, noted that Britt is great at breaking press coverage, and is a polished route runner. That will help him contribute sooner rather than later.

Heimerdinger said he quizzed Smith about Britt’s work ethic and smarts to get a better read on him.

"Rod and I talked. He told me about his work ethic and the way Kenny had worked for him, and the things that he tried to help Kenny with," Heimerdinger said. "He said Kenny did all the things he tried to help him with and improve on. We had talked and did the background on him. I really wanted to find out from Rod what his work ethic was like, plus his brain, and Rod said he handled everything good in everything and every challenge he gave him."

It's a good situation. They're a Super Bowl contender, have a need at receiver, and play a hard-nosed style that suits him well. Britt is going to be compared with Hakeem Nicks for the rest of his career, and might be able to use the snub by New York (not to mention all of the pre-draft naysaying) as motivation going forward.

Kenny Britt may have ended up in Baltimore if Michael Oher didn't fall yesterday.

Jason McCourty is still awaiting his turn.

Seven New Jerseyans went in the first round on Saturday. Wish them all well, but the best way to represent your home state is to make it happen here.

Rutgers celebrates the 200th anniversary of Old Queens on Monday.

I heard good things about Rutgers Day yesterday. Nice day too; really, really wish the timing would have worked out better so I could have visited New Brunswick. The draft wasn't really the problem (the timing actually worked out well there), couple other things were.

Guess where De'Antwan Williams was on Saturday?

Also joining in the festivities were two guys Sintim played with at Gar-Field, Rickey Lewis and Cortez Whiting, as well as Woodbridge running back and Rutgers signee De’Antwan Williams.
Lewis said it was important to have Williams there to show him what he can accomplish if he works hard and makes smart choices with whom he associates with.
"We want to put him in a good environment," Lewis said.