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Living vicariously

I've spent a lot of time here writing about college football recruiting, and over the past two months, the NFL draft. I don't make any apologies for that. Maybe it's a little esoteric, but I'm interested in the two topics. It's just dumb luck though that I have some leisure time today, and didn't a week ago for the spring game.

By this point, I've written quite a bit about the Scarlet Knights that will get drafted and sign free agent contracts over the next few days. I may do it again on Monday. There's no point in rehashing every detail for the umpteenth time now. Does Kenny Britt deserve to go in the first round? Heck yes. I'm as certain of that fact as I am that Martin Brodeur is the greatest goaltender of all time, and that Bruce Ratner is cartoonishly evil. Go to Atlantic City and bet the the house on this kid.