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Terrible song

but it works for montage purposes. If the past few weeks have wrecked havoc on your blood pressure, seeing #88 run wild through secondaries again is just what the doctor ordered.

First up, Courtney Greene from the Journal News.

Here's an interesting contrast: do you like your Kenny Britt commentary on the record, or anonymous?

"Some guys need to go away to college to have success — there is too much dragging them down if they stay at home. (Rutgers WR) Kenny Britt is one of those guys. Trouble was too quick to find him when he returned to his old neighborhood, but if you can keep him in the building, he can be controlled. The worst place he could go is somewhere close to home. … I’d be more interested in him if we were on the West Coast where he could start fresh."

Speaking of anonymity, another SS article had scouts dish on Courtney Greene, Mike Teel, and Pete Tverdov. One thing that bugs me: people rag on Britt for supposedly being selfish or whatever. But Tverdov's best position in the pros is at end. Greene isn't great in coverage, but that's what he did in 2008, and he came back when he could have declared last year. Both were being unselfish to a fault, and aren't getting rewarded for it. So the next time I read a spiel about character and intangibles, I'll tune it out.

Rick Gosselin is usually spot on, and has Britt ranked 38th in the draft.

Just to show that the range of opinions on any player will run the gamut, here's Rich Cimini from the Daily News.

Not sure where the Jets have Britt rated. I've talked to scouts who have him rated as a late 2/early 3. He's very raw.

The Giants reportedly prefer Darius Heyward-Bey and Hakeem Nicks according to local beatwriters, and the Giants have a history of feeding them good information before the draft. For what it's worth, one report has a line at the end that says the Titans are another team that likes Britt. Kenny will be in Cleveland today for a last-minute workout.

Mr. Pernetti, you know what to do.

Even though a potential game with Auburn or Georgia Tech went by the wayside, sources told me Kansas State is trying to get out of its 2010 game with UCLA.
The Wildcats visit the Rose Bowl on Sept. 19 this season, and the Bruins are contracted to return the trip to Manhattan, Kan., Sept. 4, 2010. However ESPN/ABC is trying to set up a marquee matchup involving the Bruins on that day. has new expansion pictures up.

Jason McCourty was named to the Hampshire Honor Society for maintaining a high GPA.