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We've already heard that the Titans and Dolphins are interested in Kenny Britt, and that the Giants are not. Here are two more last minute rumors.


The receiver the Bears coveted most before surrendering their first-round pick to Denver in the Jay Cutler trade was Rutgers product Kenny Britt (6-3, 218). If Britt happens to fall into the second round, for some reason, don't rule out the Bears possibly trading up for him. Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said the team doesn't have enough ammunition for a deal, but the Bears might dig deep for some if landing Britt is a possibility.

Ravens (who if you will recall, sent John Harbaugh to campus to personally work out Britt, and are trying to trade up)

The prospects most heavily linked to the Ravens have been: Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew, Southern Cal inside linebacker Ray Maualuga and Rutgers wide receiver Kenny Britt.

Hoops Weiss endorses Britt.

As for Britt, we've read and heard reports that some scouts have labeled him a "diva" and suggested he has "personality problems." Maybe that's a recent development, but I can honestly tell you that's not the kid I dealt with during the season.

Pro Football Weekly has been talking to different sources than Rick Gosselin for their top 100 list.

Jamaal Westerman made the Ledger today. He has been linked to Chicago.

Pat Kirwan on Mike Teel:

As for long shots entering the draft picture, keep an eye on the Rutgers QB Mike Teel. He has visited with 10 teams, and when you look at the dropoff in quarterbacks after the top three (Stafford, Sanchez and Josh Freeman) he could slide into a number of team's plans in a later round. My friend Phil Simms, who knows a few things about quarterbacks, has studied the tapes and feels Teel has a chance and is worth giving a shot in Day 2 of the draft.

Brendan Prunty was talking Rutgers football with Greg DePalma earlier today. Looks like an archive of the broadcast will be up later, I'll try to listen to it during the next few days.