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Draft smoke

Brian Bennett posted a transcript of his interview with Greg Schiano yesterday. Coach also recently chatted with Rivals Radio.

Harvey Yavener reflects on Zaire Kitchen's career. Antonio Lowery missed the spring game, but has a good chance to start at linebacker this fall.

Scarlet Scuttlebutt had this update yesterday.

The guess here — and I’ve actually heard this from someone in the know — is Britt doesn’t get past Miami at No. 25.

I've been thinking about Miami as a possible landing spot. Bill Parcells loves players from the Northeast, and he wants them tough and physical. Britt fills the criteria in spades. On the other hand, Parcells reportedly hates drafting receivers early. They also have Darren Rizzi on staff to provide a first-hand scouting report. More than anything, it's important that Kenny lands on a good team like the Dolphins, Colts, Ravens, Titans, or Giants (who seem to like Hakeem Nicks more). Not with a basket case like the Browns.

If you want to know what NFL scouts think of Britt, here's your answer. Part of this writeup makes him sound like John Wayne, which I wholeheartedly endorse. Bolded emphasis mine.

5. Kenny Britt, Rutgers 6-2 7/8, 218 Round 1/2: Junior entry with excellent size, shaky hands and potentially a diva mentality. "He’s big, a 230-pound tight end playing receiver, but he can run," a scout said. "You’ll have a hard time pressing him, he just (expletive)-slaps corners, pushes them down, that’s what he’s physically able to do, which will help him in the league. Whether he’s quick enough to do it I don’t know, but he’s strong enough that when they go up to press him, he’ll just put his cigarette out and say get the (heck) away from me, he’s that kind of guy. I watched him run by Pitt’s corners (in 2007), they played press in the first half and they went down 42-14 at the half, (because) he torched them on two 90-yard passes where he just pushed the corner and ran by him." Had 16 touchdown receptions and averaged 17.5 yards a catch his final two seasons. "He’s more of a (No.) 2 (receiver)," another scout said. "He’s more of a build-up-speed guy. He struggles a little making the tough hands catch. He’s got good hands but that catch the really elite guys make he struggles making sometimes." Could be hard to work with if he doesn’t get the ball enough. "There’s something about him, I’d steer clear of him," a third scout said. "Is he talented? Yes. Does he have playmaking ability? Yes. But there are other guys I like, and you let someone else take him."

PFW's latest draft value chart actually has Britt as a mid-second rounder. That's a summation though, it only takes one team to draft a player higher. The chart predicts that Teel, Westerman, and Brock will go undrafted.

They also weighed in on Courtney Greene.

Greene struggled through a change in position coaches this season and did not look nearly as comfortable reading and reacting, tackling in space or playing on the back end. The importance of coaching in a player's development is vastly underrated, and I still think Greene could turn out to be a late-round steal in the right system with strong coaching. What he showed as a junior was not a mirage.

Looks like the Rutgers football performed well in the NCAA's APR rankings again. RU was the only BCS conference school to be honored and play in a bowl game.

Brian Leonard and other Rutgers pros will be on campus on Saturday for Rutgers day.

Baseball beat Lafayette.

Nice story: two high school juniors have raised $63k for Rutgers scholarships.