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Spring practice over

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Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the spring game. Reports say that Natale and the offense looked surprisingly sharp. has highlights of the spring game up, and Tom Luicci did a video commentary afterwards. has video up of the post-spring presser (transcript). They're also reporting attendance of 15,899. San San Te was back in action.

Jack Corcoran was mostly held out of the spring game. Marc Narducci wrote about the other South Jersey players on the roster, and most improved player Charlie Noonan gets his own feature. There were also articles on Dom Natale and Zaire Kitchen in the Trentonian.

Ebenezer Samuel wrote a fine feature yesterday about Kenny Britt's attempts to improve his image, but the paper slapped a really inflammatory title on the article. Meanwhile, Jerry Reese isn't tipping his hand, but Ralph Vacchiano reports that the Giants are interested in Britt and Hakeem Nicks.

As he's usually the only person at the New York Times that pays attention to Rutgers sports, my opinion of Dave Caldwell is generally favorable. At this point though, the Ka'Lial Glaud coinflip story is more than a little dated, even if Caldwell does manage to provide a few new biographical details.

Wanda and Marlon Glaud have three sons, all football players, and the family bounced from Guam to New Jersey and three other states while the parents served in the United States Navy. Wanda is out of the service, but Marlon is now on active duty in Bahrain.

The Glauds are religious. Ka’Lial’s mother laughed when she said that the family did not have cable television, and that Ka’Lial had to satisfy his ESPN sports cravings at her sister’s house nearby — but only after he goes to Bible study on Monday nights.

An update on the URI transfers:

The Rutgers transfers are new to the system but they are picking up our system well and the transfer Quarterback is actually the starter right now and seems to be picking up the offense pretty well.

Rutgers lacrosse has been a disappointment this year. Louisville swept the baseball team over the weekend.

NFL personnel men evaluate this year's class of receivers (fyi, there's another, more-detailed article that isn't publicly available.)

Rutgers labor unions plan to lobby Pres. McCormick and Trenton.

Rutgers launches its next submarine on Earth Day.

Josh Margolin and Ted Sherman reported last week about a plan to use state money to renovate the Izod Center in East Rutherford. The solution to the impasse is apparently to give the NJSEA a taste of the action in Newark.