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Aditi has a ballpark figure on what Rutgers needs for a one-off road game. Just something to bank for the next time Rutgers is blasted for not signing the Notre Dame deal.

Ole Miss upped things and offered $1 million if Rutgers would come. And athletic department official told me Rutgers would ultimately have to be offered nearly twice that to make not having a seventh home game fiscally worth while.

Nick Carparelli can't give away too much publicly, but behind closed doors he better be asking for a bigger payout at minimum.

Big East Associate Commissioner Nick Carparelli said his conference wants to continue its relationship with the Bowl, largely due to the SEC as the opponent.

"We see the game as having a great opportunity to grow in the future," Carparelli said. "But absolutely, it would be less appealing if there's not an SEC team. We evaluate our bowl opportunities in three ways - a desirable destination for the athletes, the opposing conference is in the BCS, and a destination we can get to and sell as many tickets as possible."

Kenny Britt also had an interview (mp3) with ESPN Radio's Paul Dottino yesterday. edit: he's visiting Cleveland next week.

Mike Garafolo has more on Kevin Brock.

Brock recently visited the Texans and was on his way to Green Bay yesterday. He's also drawn interest from a few other teams, so it's starting to look like a guy who lost his starting job last year might wind up getting drafted.

Mike Tanier explains the trouble in evaluating receivers in college spread offenses.

ESPN producer Kory Kozak recounts his experiences as a Rutgers freshman, and trying to prepare for the roided-out Tony Mandarich.

Er thanks, Paul Rhoads:

During his four-and-a-half-minute speech Rhoads spoke about Rutgers. When he arrived at Pittsburgh, the Scarlet Knights could barely draw 5,000 a game. Now Rutgers has moved to the top of the Big East food chain, with bowl games a yearly destination and a stadium expansion on the way.