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Scarlet-White game tomorrow

Cross your fingers, but the current forecast for Saturday's spring game is sunny in the 70s. The Targum has all the relevant injury and depth chart updates for the game.

One point from Coach Schiano yesterday worth discussing:

"It’s just the way things shook out. We had two teams cancel on us, one within a year. It’s hard. It’s not that easy to get people to come and play Rutgers anymore. It’s a tough place to play. Why would people want to do it?"

Teams did cancel, but the biggest factor in what happened was a lack of sufficient long-term schedule planning. Granted, a lot of teams aren't willing to play road games at all, much less at Rutgers. I'd bet a lot of mid-level Big Ten and ACC teams are willing to though. They want to lure away prep stars from New Jersey. Schiano also confirmed that more scheduling news is in the works.

MSG's Game On blog posted a video of Fooch interviewing Kenny Britt yesterday. Mike Garafolo reports that,

Rutgers WR Kenny Britt and TE Kevin Brock both visited and worked out for the Giants Thursday. Someone informed of the results of workouts said both players dropped a few passes but had very good sessions.

New York GM Jerry Reese isn't tipping his hand.

Q: How much have you looked around at the Rutgers receiver – (Kenny) Britt?

A: We looked at him the same as we looked at everybody. He is a nice college prospect. We have looked at him just like we have looked at the rest of the nice college prospects. We have interviewed him. So we have looked at him as well.

I was thinking next week of doing a compilation of all the disparate evaluations I've read about RU prospects over the past few months. Two honest evaluators can have completely different opinions. And then, it's apparent that some of them are seemingly based on watching a Youtube clip or two. I don't know if this blurb has any credence or not, but it's interesting to compare it to some of the other stuff out there.

Kenny Britt, Rutgers | 6-3, 218 Projected: First round Comment: Astounding hands have fueled his climb up the board, and there is thought he will ultimately prove to be the best receiver in this class.

Tom Luicci was on Rivals Radio on Wednesday. Completely different tone there from his column the other day. For what it's worth, I agree. The media and fans discuss spring practice because nothing else is happening in college football at this time of year. It's a mistake to read too much into anything that happens, whether good or bad. Just like the spring game, it's as much for the fans as the team itself.

PSU AD Tim Curley credits Bob Mulcahy for the deal between Rutgers and PSU.

N.E.R.D. is playing RutgersFest.