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With everyone waiting for the official announcement on the schedule, today is also a key day for Kenny Britt. He'll be visiting East Rutherford, and has one more chance to prove to Giants brass that he's worthy of a first round pick.

Mike Lombardi had mixed praise for Britt yesterday.

Kenny Britt, the wide out from Rutgers, is a very good player, but he’s not in the same league as Edwards in terms of being able to separate from press coverage. Britt will need time to expand his game as it relates to getting away from bump and tight press coverage, whereas Edwards is very good against press coverage and has the skills to separate.

Brian Okam signed his LOI. Memphis isn't hiring James Beatty's JUCO coach.

Dan Pompei from the Chicago Tribune evaluated Kevin Brock.

He has the height, weight and speed NFL teams look for, but he is not a very physical or explosive player. Brock has adequate hands but needs to develop as a blocker.

Baseball beat Iona.

More tuition increases and layoffs are on the way at Rutgers.