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Back to 2006

The sky is falling! Wait, that's just Tom Luicci's latest column on the state of the offense. The "2009 will have to follow the 2006 script on offense" meme is officially spreading.

Mohamed Sanu and Brandon Jones saw action Tuesday at receiver, which is notable because both are seen as integral parts of the team's future at defensive back. Andre Civil is the other early enrollee, Art Forst's improvement is symbolic for the whole offensive line.

Shamar Graves was hurt too, the latest in a series of skill position injuries this spring. Hopefully, he'll be ok like Brown and Brooks were.

Baseball beat Fordham.

There's a transcript up of Courtney Greene's radio interview from last week.

The National Football Post pegs Mike Teel as a prospect on the rise.

You don't want to hear about Dane Miller having rotator cuff problems.

The general public is invited to Rutgers Day on the 25th.