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Dom by default

The possibility that redshirt freshmen D.C. Jefferson or Steve Shimko could seize the starting job from senior Dom Natale during spring practice was always remote at best. At least for the spring, the news that Dom took all the first-team quarterback reps on Saturday removed all lingering doubt. Until Jabu and Savage throw their hats into the ring, Natale is the guy for the time being.

While he looks to be the best option at this time, 7/17 for 49 yards doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. That's with the qualifiers that it is just spring practice, a young WR corps has been thinned out by injuries, and they're lining up against a good defense. The quarterbacks have five months to improve, and they'll have a lot more to work with in the fall.

At least Sargeant's report is enough to make you feel better about the running game and defense. The OL being good at run blocking and struggling with protection is a reversal from last year; that may be a function of both inexperience, and facing RU's quick-but-slender defensive line.