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Jamaal Westerman visited the Jets earlier this week. Kevin Malast went to New England.

Pro Football Weekly quotes one scout who doesn't like Kenny Britt.

"(Rutgers WR) Kenny Britt — I don’t know about him. I couldn’t draft him in the first round. I don’t know that I’d want him in the second round. He’s big and physically impressive (when you see him in person), but his hands are iffy. I don’t see any RAC (run-after-the-catch ability). He does not create after the catch. I don’t see the value in him, not up at the top."

I think the hands criticism is nonsense, but agree somewhat about yards after the catch. The reason I hate the comparison between Britt and a Hakeem Nicks is that they're entirely different players. Britt is a deep threat, and gets most of his yardage through the air. Nicks gets a much higher percentage after the catch.

Some evaluators will like certain players, and others won't; it's not worth getting worked up over. What's also noteworthy is that PFW specifically did not list Britt as one of their biggest character risks.

Mike Garafolo has an update on the latest happenings in East Rutherford. FYI, Britt was in Florham Park.

As for the local workout of the draft-eligible players at the stadium Thursday, I'm told from my college-level sources there were no big local names, such as LB Brian Cushing, in attendance. I heard three Rutgers players were there: CB Jason McCourty, DB Courtney Greene and LB Kevin Malast. No sign of WR Kenny Britt, who will be in next week, or TE Kevin Brock, who's slowly moving up the charts in the late rounds. At first, it didn't sound like Brock was going to be drafted, but it sounds like that's going to be the case after all.

Dan Pompei praised Mike Teel in a recent column.

Has come on by finishing the season strong. Is big and tough and throws a nice ball. Improved his decision making late in the year. Scouts like his intelligence and leadership. His arrow is pointing up.