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Knightly news

With the RB depth chart looking thin this spring, Ty Putman has seen more reps. Scarlet Scuttlebutt also talked to Zaire Kitchen, and has everything else from Tuesday, including notes on Haslam and the schedule.

Jabu Lovelace still isn't running, but Coach Schiano says that he's improving. Scott Vallone looks "much better".

Ryan D'Impaler wasn't named to the Lott Trophy watchlist. Get used to it; Britt received very little national attention last year, and Ryan is making up for lost time after 2007.

Tim Pernetti has already met with C. Vivian Stringer and Fred Hill.

Scout talked with George Johnson the other day. I thought it was interesting that Keith singled him out over the weekend for praise. From my vantage point, I've thought for the past few years that Johnson was only scratching the surface of what he can do. He's a good run defender; he will make eye-opening plays, and then be quiet for stretches. Maybe my expectations are too high because of his performance as a freshman. I did think that Johnson was the team MVP in the Papa John' Bowl.

Pro Football Weekly surveyed NFL teams, and posted their first draft value chart. It has Britt in the early second, Greene in the early fifth, and Underwood in the early seventh. (edit: McCourty is listed as a mid-7th too. Guess his workout helped a lot.)

If baseball is losing 9-1 to Columbia, it's probably going to be a long year.

Todd Frazier is shifting to left field. He might be a hot streak away from Cincinnati.