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Scrimmage links

Aditi and Tom Luicci don't appear to have been at Saturday's scrimmage, but Keith Sargeant is more than picking up the slack with several detailed reports. It's to be expected that the defense will be ahead of the offense right now, with all of the volatility this spring at the skill positions. If there's one string of words you want to read at the start of an article though, it's that the "offensive line appears as good as advertised".

It's nice to see a depth chart from the scrimmage. Keep in mind that Brooks, Young, Lefeged, Witherspoon, and (now) Cooper are out for the spring. The biggest surprise to me is that Julian Hayes wasn't in the three-deep at receiver. There are several third-year sophomores that still haven't cracked the two-deep, which is a concern going forward. Also of note is that Gary Watts is no longer listed on the official roster.

It sounds like the scrimmage on Saturday had its share of ugly moments given the heavy winds. Marcus Cooper and Eddie Poole are out for the time being. The Ledger report is considerably more negative.

Dom Natale is continually "solid if unspectacular". The news that Shimko is struggling, and Jefferson is showing flashes will do nothing to quell the anticipation for Tom Savage this fall. Even if he might end up in the same boat as Jefferson. Turns out that Brooks is ok. He'll have a line to run behind.

Rutgers may have signed several good defensive linemen in February, but is anyone really surprised that Schiano is sticking with the athletes inside? Eric LeGrand is poised to seize a starting job at DT. Before he even made it to campus, many Scarlet Knight fans had LeGrand pegged as a future team captain. There's not a lot of experience at DT, but Vallone is returning; as is Francis, and it's telling that Francis is in a dogfight to even crack the two-deep, after seeing time as a true freshman.

Khaseem Greene is getting more reps at safety with Joe Lefeged out. Devin McCourty will be counted on for leadership in the secondary.