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Not much football

Everyone has to be excited about what Alex Silvestro can do at defensive end.

Tom Savage hasn't missed a practice yet.

It's not Georgia Tech: Fordham guard Jio Fontan plans to transfer to Rutgers. He'd have to sit out a year, but would fill a major need as a PG of the future. You have to wonder how this would affect Mike Coburn, and hope it doesn't scare off Beatty. ZAGSBLOG says that Fordham is denying the transfer (meaning that he'd have to pay his own way for a year at in-state rates), and that Fontan is looking at other schools too. Carino threw some cold water on the rumor too.

CVS is headed to the Hall of Fame. She'll have to replace one assistant.

Richard McCormick talks the bottom line:

"The Division of Intercollegiate Athletics has a $55 million budget, about 3 percent of the University’s overall budget," McCormick said. "About $40 million of the $55 million is generated by athletics itself, and about $15 million represents university subsidy, which amounts to less than 1 percent of the University’s entire budget.

"One of our goals is to diminish the subsidy required for intercollegiate athletics, but in the larger scheme of things, it’s not very much."

According to Pro Football Talk (huh), Jason McCourty has set additional team visits. Mike Teel still hopes to be drafted.

St. John's is on the slate this weekend for Rutgers baseball.

Rutgers wants to host a Lacrosse final four with Giants Stadium.

New dorms are on the way at Busch and Livingston.

GannettBlog reports that the Asbury Park Press is cutting additional jobs.

It might become easier for students to opt out of Targum student fees.

Want to see George Zoffinger lie through his teeth about Xanadu?

I saw yesterday on Rivals that Seton Hall guard Paul Gause is going to get a tryout with the Jets. His first love was basketball, but his frame may be better suited for another sport. I wonder if Providence forward Geoff McDermott would give football a try at some point.