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Brooks hurt

The problem with only having two healthy tailbacks for the spring, with Kordell Young hurt, and Mason Robinson playing WR, is that depth is very thin. It just got thinner with the news that Jourdan Brooks was injured during practice. Robinson needs to stay at WR, but this is a concern going forward.

Sounds like Matt Hardison is doing well as the #2 center. Blair Bines is etablished as a starting DT. Steve Shimko doesn't want to be the forgotten QB.

A week from the WNBA draft, Kia Vaughn looks to be a high pick.

Adam Helgott: hate PSU, but envy their fan support.

Merril Hoge has looked at the tape, and likes what he sees from Kenny Britt.

Kenny Britt WR Rutgers, here is a guy that shows he can run routes has quickness and speed and looks like an NFL WR. As I study Kenny I see a guy that understand what coverage’s are being run and he gets out of breaks really well. He is physical and will play in the middle for a team and can be explosive and is very deceptive. I like his ability to transition to the NFL. What I like about him is I will not have to teach him to run routes as a coach I can use my time with him to work on reading coverage’s and polishing his route running skills. I would take a guy like Kenny or Brian Robiskie over a guy like Percy Harvin any day and all day long.

John Weaver from the Washington Post explains what's up with the new Big East lacrosse conference.

The NJSIAA looks to change its rules for playoff eligibility.

Tonight at the State Theater in New Brunswick, Rutgers plans to break the world record for persons dressed as Waldo.

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