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If you follow Rutgers athletics in any capacity, the transcript of Paul Franklin's interview with Tim Pernetti is a must read. No stone is left unturned, although Pernetti is as limited as you might expect when it comes to certain specifics. As far as football scheduling goes, there are two key points.

"Ideally we want to find a 1-A opponent, but I'd say it's 50-50 between that and another 1-AA."


"We're going to a lot of schools and a lot of schools are coming to us. I think when we get a couple of these things done, then our nonconference scheduling issues over the coming five years will be solved. "

One last thought - I'm unclear about what Franklin meant by saying that Pres. McCormick "came across as anti-stadium expansion". Is that referencing general fan antipathy towards McCormick at this point? My impression, and by all means anyone should chime in if I'm mistaken about this, is that from the start McCormick has been supportive of the football program and expansion. That's why the naysayers felt they needed to make their last stand. Mulcahy's firing reflects poorly on McCormick's spine, but he was given a (completely ridiculous) ultimatum from Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan: cut him loose, or we go after the purse strings for the entire university.