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Shaking off rust

No full pads yet, but the receiving corps showed its inexperience on Tuesday. Eric Legrand is lining up at DT, for now.

Mike Garafolo reiterates his recent point that the Giants, unfortunately, aren't super high on Kenny Britt.

Britt will work out for the Giants, and there has been speculation that the franchise may be interested, especially if troubled wideout Plaxico Burress never makes it back to the team because of his legal troubles. But SNY Giants insider Mike Garafolo says the Giants are likely to take the best player available with the 29th overall pick.

"They certainly are going to look at receivers," Garafolo told SNY. "They'll take a look at him but they have him rated just a little bit lower, maybe an option in the second round."

Britt has scheduled workouts and meetings with a number of teams, including the Jets, Ravens, Bears, Dolphins and Bengals. Another possibility is the Arizona Cardinals, who pick at No. 31 and recently hired John McNulty, Britt's former offensive coordinator at Rutgers. has video from Pro Day up, and the Record has more, with more of a focus on the personal aspect of the story. McCourty looks fastttt in that first one.

There are also new expansion pictures up, and it looks like everything is moving along at a breakneck pace.

Jamaal Westerman is just looking for an opportunity.

Quincy Douby has signed a 10 day contract with the Toronto Raptors.

Darnell Stapleton made a cool $300k in performance-based bonuses last year.

It was a swell sendoff for Heather Zurich at the RAC, as Purdue looms.

Kenny Britt visits the Bears tomorrow.

Baseball beat Princeton 10-7.